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Obituary for Frances "Nook" Louise Cooper (Fulton)

Frances Louise Fulton Cooper, Aka Nook, was born to Gardner Fulton of Gable, South Carolina and Hardey Corina Rose of St. Augustine, Florida in their home in Gable, South Carolina.

At age 12, Frances' mother died and the following year her father passed. Frances' aunts quickly took her in and cousins, Frances, Fanny, and Rozoetta whom quickly became her sisters. They called her Nook (which we still do not know what it means but it stuck with her till this day). Her aunts were strict, but Frances was a happy child who loved to climb trees and pick berries but was scared of the dark and could not stand bugs, and butterflies. Frances was a honor student while attending Gamble Elementary. During her high school years, she loved to play basketball. She also worked as a baby-sitter.

Frances was the 5th of five children; a brother, Wade and three sisters, Laura, Elizabeth, and Ann, all of whom died at birth. Her stepsisters were Tina and Grace, and her stepbrother was George. Frances was awfully close to her stepsisters, brother, and cousins and would soon travel north to be with them. Her first stop would be Maryland where she stayed with her brother. Later, she headed up to New York where her three stepsisters lived. There, she soon would meet her husband, Richard Ryan Cooper.

Upon arriving in New York, she pursued several careers including making toys and a file clerk. Then, she landed a job at the St. Vincent Hospital. After many years, she retired as a Supervisor on the Psych Ward.

Frances had one daughter, Valerie Ann Louise Patterson. She has left to run her legacy: one grandson, Damon Patterson; great grandchildren; two nephews, Henry Junior Kennedy, and John Henry Kennedy; three nieces, Dorthy Kennedy, Adelle Kennedy, and Olivia Peterson; and a host of loved ones.

Nook will never be forgotten with her famous tag line:
“See You When I Get There”